Users & Teams

Our Users & Teams feature makes it quick and easy to share templates and envelopes with different users in your account.

What are users?

With all Signable plans you can add an unlimited number of users to your account at no additional cost. 

All envelopes and templates are ‘private’ by default when they’re created. They can be shared with everyone in the account. Or, if you’re on a Medium Business plan or higher, you can set up teams to manage which users you’re sharing with. 

What are teams?

Teams allow you to share envelopes and templates with other users. You can set up a team of users in your Signable account, and share specific templates and envelopes for them to edit or view.

This makes it simple for different departments to use Signable for eSignatures and allows you to manage access to sensitive or confidential information.

Roles & Permissions

By assigning Roles to individual users you can control what they can access including account settings and billing details. There are three roles with set permissions: User, Admin, and Super-Admin.

How can Users & Teams help your business?

Whatever size your business is, you can use one Signable account across multiple departments or teams. We don’t charge per user, so you can add as many of your team members as you want to one account. 

With teams you can ensure templates and envelopes are only available to relevant users. For example, your HR or finance team can keep templates and envelopes separate from the rest of the company helping you to securely handle sensitive, personal data.

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